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Bishop Snyder Cardinals defeat The Providence Stallions ON Senior Night

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Westside Duval-

On senior night, which honored Justin Hicks and Austin Lewis, the Bishop Snyder Cardinals defeated the Providence Stallions 42-39.

In front of a highly energetic crowd Justin Hicks was well worth the price of admission as he put on a show and kept them lit all night.

Hicks led all scorers with 22pts.

With 20.9 seconds remaining in the contest Hicks would nail 2 free throws to give Snyder the 41-36 lead, and with 12 seconds to go in the game, Stallions' guard Jack Dilliard would connect on a 3 to cut the Cards' lead to 41-39.

Snyder's guard Jalen Gilmore would be fouled on the ensuing inbounds pass, and would hit 1/2 of the subsequent free throws and give Snyder the insurmountable 42-39 lead as the Cards would hang on to win it. Gilmore finished the game with 11pts and Austin Lewis 5pts. Lewis received a scholarship today to play for Florida State College of Jacksonville. Stallions big man James Lee Repass played a great great game as well leading Providence with 10pts



Hicks 22

Gilmore 11

Lewis 5

Walker 5


Repass 12

Dillard 7

Allen 10

Lee 6

Sponsored by Beasten Athletics

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