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Blue Darters Still Running Over Bartram

St. Johns Co. -

DreamKingFilmz traveled to Bartram Trail Hs. to see the 7A state runner up Bears take on state perennial powerhouse 8A Apopka Blue Darter in a heavy weight matchup that would turn out be as advertised with both teams combining for over 1K yards,9tds and 3 picks. The Bears would come into the game 1-0 after a mauling of the Brunswick Pirates, and the Blue Darters came into the game 1-0 as well after running past Ocoee Bulldogs 47-0.

For those who only heard of but never witness personally the daunted rushing attack of Apopka, it would be well worth the price of admission to see the Blue Barters rushing for just under 400yds and 4tds by halftime and 613 and 5 tds total for the game. The Blue Darters stable of RBs consist of Jackson Darlington, Akeem Brown, Cornelius Williams (1td), Eric Wright (2tds) and the man, Jecoryan Davis-Hamilton( 1td).The Big man Jalen Carter even pitched in with some timely run and rushed for a 7yd td

The Bears offense is just as high powered and can score on you from many different ways and from any spot on the field. That unit is led by Ga Tech commit 2019 RB Devin Ellison 19/93/2tds 3 rec 38yds, New Hampshire commit 2019 Wr/Ath Griffin Helm 5 rec 32yds,1 td pass 41yds, and the sure handed WR Gunner Hitzeman who's probably somewhere making another big catch right now. Hitzeman 5rec 145ys. Bears signal caller Chad Dodson went 17/27/237/1int and had another 9 carries for 28yds.

Trevez Johnson after getting int

#9 Cornelius Williams after twisting 24yd td run

The Blue Darter would get it to start the game and their offense drove it down into the redzone before DB Tre Johnson stepped up to end the Darters drive picking off a Jackson Darlington Pass attempt. QB Chad Dodson would drive the Bears down the the field on their opening drive as well completing a key 30yd pass to Gunner Hitzeman. Bartram would stall out inside the redzone as well missing a 25yd fg att. Apopka would fly right back down the field and scored when Cornelius Williams twisted his way out of a would be tackle on a 24yd run at the bottom of the 1st quarter to take a 7-0 lead.

Griffin Helm 5 rec 32yds 1pass td 41yds

Eric Wright 2 td runs

Gunner Hitzeman 5/145

Devin Ellison

JD-Hamilton 1td 1 int

Jalen Carter 7yd td run

Craig Sinclair

To open the 2nd quarter RB Devin Ellison and QB Chad Dodson would help move the ball and set the Bears up to strike when Ath Griffin Helm took a pitch going left and threw a 41yd td strike to Zach Rhodes to tie the game up at 7 a piece. A reoccurring theme of the night would be Blue Darters march it right back down the field, as Eric Wright scored on a 11yd run to take a 13-7 lead. Ellison,and Helm would continue to do work running and receiving for the Bears and Hitzeman would haul in a 30yd pass over a DB at the 2yd line. Ellison would cap it off with a short td run and the Bears only lead of the game 14-13. Apopka would get cute on the return, and fumbled the reverse attempt inside its own 10. The Bears fans would go crazy as momentum was seemingly turning in the favor of Bartram. No worries for the Apopka faithful as Cornelius Williams would take the ensuing handoff and sprint 60yds before being tripped up. Jackson Darlington 12yd run would open the door for the man JD-Hamilton to spin and rumble his way for a 24yd td run and a 19-14 lead. Darters 2pt try would be no good. After Failing to convert 4th and 5 from just past the Darters 30 the Bears turned it over on downs. Another exciting run by JD-Hamilton would lead to a 7yd td run by Jalen Carter. Blue darters would increase their lead to 26-14 on that run. JD-Hamilton would pick off Dodson on the Bears ensuing possession and Bears DB Craig Sinclair would return the favor with a pick of his own to end the 1st half with the Darters leading 26-14

Apopka Coming out to pay 2nd half


Eric Wright rushing 2TDs

Gunner Hitzeman 5/145

Jackson Mayer 1td catch

To open the 3rd quarter Helm, Hitzeman, and Ellison combined to get the Bears down the field to set up Ellison's 2nd td of the game a 3yd run and cut the lead to 26-21. Eric Wright would cap off Apopka's ensuing drive with a 11yd td run, his 2nd of the night to widen the lead to 33-21. Although the darters wouldn't see the endzone again their defense led by Curtis Spivey would come up with timely plays to preserve their lead. Dodson hit Hitzeman on a 72yd catch and run to get the bears in striking distance. One of those timely defensive plays came when a Blue Darters DB stripped Helm at the goal line to prevent a td, Tte ball would get kicked and pushed around before ultimately being recovered by Helm around mid field. Dodson would get the Bears back in the redzone and would hit Jackson Mayer on a short td pass to cut the lead to 33-28 and make it interesting. The Blue Darters would recover the onside kick attempt by Bartram but was forced to punt from around its own 40,The punt resulted in a touchback. The Blue Darters would force a 4 hard and give the ball right back to that stable of RBs with time to increase their lead. The Blue Darters drove it to the 3yd and took a knee as time expired to move to 2-0 on the season.

1-1 7A Bartram Trail Bears 28

2-0 8A Apopka Blue Darters 33 Final

Next week Blue darters host Lakeland and Bartram will travel to clay

jalen Carter. Eric Wright. Cornelius Williams

Jackson Darlington

Special thanks to Bartram Trail Administration, Staff Coaches, and Players for all their hospitality.

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