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Down Goes Frazier.. Ribault Colts Upset Win Over Kirby Comets to Remain Undefeated.

Duval Florida-

Down Goes Frazier..

In a Tuesday night battle for supremecy of the North Division, the Ribault Colts shocked the city by knocking off the back to back Duval County Champs Kirby Comets 40-38. The Colts improve to 3-0 and Kirby falls to 2-1.

The Colts jumped out to a fast start in the 1st frame as Keron Jackson, Mikell Reddick, Lawrence Fields, and Kevo Herring would each connect on a layup to give the Comets a 8-0 lead at the 3:42 mark.

The Comets' only bucket in the frame would come from #3 K.Toure as he would connect from Three Land. In the bottom of the frame, Lawrence Fields would make another nice move for a basket to give Ribault the 12-3 lead at the end of the period.

After a lackluster 1st quarter, offensively the Comets would begin to soar in the 2nd frame as AJ Brown and TJ Cole would start the scoring with a layup and 3 pointer respectively. Tae Gelsey would end the scoring by hitting 1 of 2 free throws and a 3 pointer.

Although the Comets would have an awesome second frame, they'd still be down 21-20 at the half. Lawrence Fields would lead all scorers at the break with 8pts.

The Comets 1st lead of the contest (22-21) would come as AJ Brown made good on another layup on their 1st possession of the 3rd frame. #3 K. Toure would add another layup and give Kirby a 24-21 lead. The Champs looked as if they were gearing up for another scoring outburst but the Colts led by Keron Jackson, would put the clamps back on the Comets offense. Keron Jackson would score the Colts' only (2) baskets of the third quarter.

The game would be tied at 25 until Christopher Foy's layup in the final moments of the third quarter, and Kirby would be up 27-25 heading into the fourth.

On their 1st possession of the final frame Ribault would tie it back up as Lawrence Fields connected on a short floater to start the scoring. Both teams would go back and forth and the game would again be tied at 35 with 2:00 minutes remaining. As the clock drained to under 1:30 to play, Colts' Kevo Herring would nail a 3 off the back board to put Ribault up 38-35.

On the Comets ensuing possession TJ Cole would fire up the tying 3 but the ball would rattle out and Ribault would get the rebound at take it back up court for an attempt at stretching their lead. After a great defensive stop on Fields to prevent a lay up, the Comets' AJ Brown would drive the ball to basket and attempt a layup but Keron Jackson would make another huge block to deny the shot.

On the Colts' ensuing possession Keron Jackson would go 1/2 from the free throw line to put Ribault up 39-35. After collecting the rebound on Jackson's missed free throw, Kirby's Head Coach Antwan Lewey would call a timeout to draw up a play. The play would be simple, let Gelsey cook. With 52.9 seconds to go coming out of the timeout Gelsey would get the ball and politely launch a 3 from the top of the key to cut the Colts' lead to 39-38 while the Kirby fans erupted in celebration.

On the Colt's ensuing possession, Kevo Herring would miss the front end of a 1 and 1 free three attempt and the Comets would snag the rebound and Toure would dribble up court, but Lawrence Fields would make an excellent defensive play on Toure and knock the ball out of bounds. The Colts' fans were yelling to the refs that Fields batted the ball of Toure but the refs would rule it off Fields and gave Kirby the ball back.

With 21.3 second to go in the game, the Colts' Mikell Reddick and Adron Walker would make a nice defensive play on Gelsey and forced him to make an off balanced pass to Christopher Foy, who would put up an off balanced shot that would rim out into the outstretched hands of Keron Jackson.

Jackson would fail on an excellent opportunity to widen the Colts' lead as he missed the subsequent free throws after being fouled. Christopher Foy would collect the rebound on Jackson's second miss and would make an errand pass that would go out of bounds and give the Colts the ball back with just 3.2 seconds to play. Lawrence Fields would be fouled on the inbounds pass and hit the 1st of the ensuing free throws to put Ribault up 40-38.

After collecting the rebound on Fields' missed free throw, Kirby would call a timeout with just 1.3 seconds remaining. The Comets would be unable to advance the ball pass half court, and the Colts would hang on for the shocking upset 40-38 win. Lawrence Fields led all scorers with 13pts, and Keron Jackson had 12pts. Tae Gelsey led Kirby with 10pts including (2) 3s.

Lawrence Fields has been a key piece in the Colts' 3-0 fast start to the season and has been among the leading scorers in each victory along with Keron Jackson.

To open the season, Jackson scored 15pts and Fields scored 7pts in their 32-25 road win over the Jeb Stuart Raiders.

Last Tuesday during their 50-40 road win over the Butler Falcons Jackson led all scorers with 16pts, Fields tacked on 12pts, and Mikell Reddick had 9pts. Adron Walker has silently put together two good games in a row scoring 10pts vs the Falcons and 8pts vs Kirby.

Ribault will travel to the deep North on Thursday to take on the Oceanway Bucs in a game they will be heavy favorites, and should still be undefeated when they travel back out east next Tuesday to face the 3x county champs Gilbert Panthers.

Scoring Leaders Ribault vs Kirby


Keron Jackson 13

Lawrence Fields 12

Adron Walker 8

Kevo Herring 5

Mikell Reddick 2


Tae Gelsey 10

K. Toure 9

AJ Brown 6

Chris Foy 6

TJ Cole 3

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