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DREAMKINGFILMZ TOP 100 2024 PLAYERS Headed Into The 2020 Season

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

North East Florida-

DreamKingFilmz Top 100 Football Players In North East Florida for 2024.

Each player selected exhibited exceptional play on the field, as well as in the classroom.

The list contains 125 names of some straight ballers from around North East Florida who made a ton of great plays, put together some magnificent performances, and turned heads this past season. All names mentioned on the list will go on to do some great things on, and off the field for their future respective programs.

Although we rank the top 11 players the overall list isn't a ranking, Its simply the best 100 players selected by DreamKingFilmz.

A Look Back

Just under 4 years ago I released the first ever DreamKingFilmz Top 50 list of players headed to highschool from the 2021 class. The list featured some very talented players, many of which sit with multiple scholarship offers such as Aaron Jones(Bartram/Swiss), Chris Johnson(WestSide/Gilbert), Jalen Evans(FirstCoast/JWJ), Jalen Smith (Mandarin/Lakeshore), Martranius Mack(Ribault/Lakeshore), Robert Simmons(Sandalwood/Ribault) and Lucious


4 player from the 2021 list was selected to the 2020 Times Union Super 11 list. Those players were Walt Simmons(Oakleaf HS/M), Patrick Bryant (AC/ Dupont), Myles Montgomery (Fletcher/Mayport), and

Corey Cooley(Trinity/Kirby). All 4 players including Lattimore are committed to scholarship offers.

Simmons- East Carolina

Bryant- Illinois

Montgomery- Cincinnati

Cooley- Maryland

Lattimore- FAMU

From the class of 2022

Jahiem Singeltary(Lee), Aaron Hester(Fletcher), Kyree Hammond(Raines), Kareem Burke(Raines) Eric Weatherly (Bartram) and Jeremiah Huntley(Sandalwood) have worked to become some of the best players in their class.

After the class off 2022 list drop we expanded from the TOP50 to the TOP100 as our coverage increased to 6 counties in North East Florida.

The 2023 list featured some true ballers as well, many of which made a huge splash on the on the First Coast and some has garnered some national recruiting attention after their freshman season.

St. Augustine RB/SS Sean Harvey showed plenty of promise for the Yellow Jackets helping them reach the 2nd round of the playoffs with 314 All Purpose yards and 3 TDs.

Bartram Trail's hitman, CB Sharif Denson helped the Bears earn their 1st regular undeafeated season. Denson's 31 solo tackles has put him on the national radar in recruiting. The Indiana Hoosiers were the 1st to pull the trigger on him, then followed FSU, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Oakleaf RB Devin Outlaw proved he's going to be a force to reckon with for the Knights as he popped a 68yd TD run vs Orange Park to open the season. Head Coach Frank Garis used Outlaw to batter the defense of the mighty Columbia Tigers in (week 2) to a tune of 22 carries 133yds and 1 TD. A couple weeks later Outlaw received his 1st Power 5 offer the University of Georgia. After closing out a terrific freshman campaign, Outlaw received 2 more offers from the University of Akron, and Coastal Carolina.

Fleming Island RB/KR Sam Singelton helped lead the Golden Eagles to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Singleton's 114 carries 751yds and 9tds didn't go unnoticed amongst recruiters as he landed an offer from Central Michigan, and Tennessee.

University Christian's dynamic duo of Orell Gray, and Dessiro Riles may have made the biggest impact on the First Coast. The Combo helped the Christians reach the 2A State Semi-Final game in which they lost to heavy favored North Florida Christian 45-21. As the QB, Riles racked up 1324 All-Purpose yards, 8 passing, and 8 rushing TDs. Gray registered 380 All-Purpose and 2 receiving TDs to help out on offense,but his greatest impact came in the secondary where he logged 22 tackles, and snagged 7 INTS which put him as North East Florida's leader in the pick category.

For his efforts Gray has received offers from South Florida, Savannah St, and Cornell, with Va Tech, FIU, and OHIO showing lots of interest in the ball hawk.

A look Ahead to 2025

The next class on deck will be just as talented as those before them. A few names to watch out for are Josh Patterson (Stuart) Micah Meyer (Stilwell) Aydan Rivera (LPA), Kaylib Singelton(Lake Asbury), Ken Gardner(JWJ) Kion Wilcox (Murray) Joseph Soto (Gamble).

All 6 of these guys have been balling on the middle school level and turned in some great performances last year, and have shown no signs of slowing down this off season.


1.James Resar Bishop Kenny

2.WR/Ath Mark Miller Baldwin

3.WR/DB Jaycob Jones Trinity

4.DB/WR Omar Chucky Holcomb Jackson

5.RB Darnell Rogers Trinity

6.WR/DB Kavon Roulac Englewood

7.QB/Ath Dae'Jon Shanks Bradford

8.SS/TE Frankie Morabito Menendez

9.QB/Ath Jayden Jenkins Clay

10. DB/Ath Jayden Taylor Jackson

11.DL Zontae Evans *Raines

Top 100 /2024


Quantez Andrews /QB/ Sandalwood

Demarri Collier

Dezion Collier


*Mark Miller /Ath/Baldwin

*DJ Moore /QB/Bolles

Kenneth Huntley /OL/Baldwin


Seth Smith /Ath/ Raines/ injured

Antwan Hart /Ath/Jackson

Malik Williams/ Ath/ Jackson

Baker County Bobcats

*Tyler Cline /OL/Trinity

*Ka'Nais /Ath/Baker

*Ma'Khai Mosley Ath/Baker

Bradford Tornadoes

*Dae'Jon Shanks /QB/DB/Bradford

*Chalil Cummings /WR/Bradford

*Torin Brazell /LB/Bradford

Cedar Creek

*Darnell Rogers /RB/Trinity

Fernandina Beach Pirates

*Tajon Nelms /Ath/Fernandina

*Brysin Osgood /TE/Fernandina


*Ashton Prodehl OL/DL /FLETCHER

*Samari Phillips DB/RB /Fletcher

*Joey Ofalt OL/LB /Fletcher

Fort Caroline

*14 Jordan Andrerson /WR/Terry Parker

Victor Moody /DL/Jackson

-Gamble Rogers

*Frankie Morabito /DB/TE/Menendez

*Xander Martin /RB/LB/ Menendez

*Kani Harris /WR/ Menendez

*Cason Blanco /QB/ Menendez

Trey Pate /OL/ Menendez

Julian Quintero WR/DE/ Menendez

Jason Watson /DB/WR Menendez


*Jaycob Jones /WR/DB/ Trinity

*Rajon White /Ath/ Lee

*Davion Brown /QB/Ath/ First Coast

*Chuck Holcomb /DB/WR/ Jackson

*Vaderius Thomas /Ath/QB/ Lee

*Diondre McDonald/Ath/ FirstCoast/Injured

Green cove

*Garrison Butler /DL/OL/ Fleming

*Gage Isbell /DL/OL/Fleming

*Jayden Jenkins /QB/Ath/ Clay

*Peyton Dykas /WR/DB/ Clay


*Davarius Lee /DB/FirstCoast

*Jonathan Decosta /RB/Ribault

*KeAndre Harold /RB/FirstCoast

*Jaylin Clarke /DE/Ribault

*Isreal Bradley /LB/DB Ribault


Ayden Crews /QB/Ath/ Hilliard

Jeb Stuart

*Benny Lewis /RB/LB/Terry Parker

*Elijah Wescott /WR/DB/WestSide


*Terrill Sheppard /ATH/Mandarin

*Kaiden Morris WR/DB/Paxon

*Colin Bell /RB/Jackson


*Nikko Bates /Ath/ Bishop Snyder

*Sherode Denton /OL/DL/Sandalwood

*Michael Thomas Jr. /RB/FirstCoast

Rodney Tisdale /QB/Mandarin

Lake Asbury

*Braden Cunningham /OL/DL/Fleming

Jarren Rosier /Ath/Ridgeview

LakeShore Warriors

*Jordan Durham/QB/Zarephath

*CJ Cogdell /DB/Ath/Zarephath

*Zion Mitchell/RB/DB/Zarephath

*Lamar Jacobs LB/Zarephath

*Jamal Stokes/RB/DB Ed White

*Larry Davis /LB/ Lee


*Coron Davis /QB/DB Sandalwood

*Paul Wright /QB/Jackson

*Carlos Colon /WR/Ath/Sandalwood

*Judah Randall /OL/Sandalwood

Jakaree Eley /Ath/DB/ Ribault


*Kyle Troupe /QB/Wolfson

*Miles Franklin /RB/Ath/ Paxon

Wyatt Underwood /TE/DE/ Wolfson


*Baylor Hayes /QB/Ponte Vedra

Jake Guarnera /OL/Ponte Vedra

Liberty Pines Academy Wolves

*Riley Truijilo /QB/Bartram

*Gavin Cook-Wilkiams RB/Bartram


*Tiant Wyche /Ath/Mandarin

*Jayden Taylor /DB/Ath/Jackson

*Orlando Fiffer /RB/DB/Atlantic Coast

* Desean Hall /LB/Mandarin

*William Degrigo /QB/Mandarin

*Cameron Crawford /OL/Mandarin

*Johnathan Mitchell /DB/. Mandarin


*Khalil Blount /RB/ATH/Sandalwood

*Colton Gornto /QB/Fletcher

*Tyler Stephens LB/RB/Fletcher

*Tyler Baxter /DB/Ath/Fletcher

Shane Cokus /TE/Sandalwood


*Shamar Moore /DL/ St.Augustine

*Malich Proctor /WR/DB/ St. Augustine

*Marquis Sams Ath /St. Augustine

*Jaki Singelton Ath/DB/St. St. Augustine


*Sincere Gates /RB/LB/Raines

*Terrance Stamper /LB/ Raines


*Donald Hampton /WR/Raines

*Tyler Jackson DB/Ath/Lee

*Brandon Wallace /QB/Oakleaf


*Kennvontae Sharrow /RB/DB/Lee

*Thomas Jackson /DB/FirstCoast

*Thomas Forbes /LB/Raines

*Zontae Evans/DL/OL Raines

*Charles Irving /RB/DB/FirstCoast

*John Jackson /DL/OL/Ribault


*Malik Neely /RB/DB/ Englewood

*Jalen Scarver /WR/DB/ Englewood

*Kavon Roulhac /WR/DB/Englewood

*Terrail Mitchell /WR/DB/ Terry Parker

*Ben Preyer /DL/OL/ Englewood


*Zach Chambers /DL/OL/Zarephath

*Neamiah Chandler/QB/ WestSide

Swiss Point Raiders

Cameron Nadau /DL/Bartram

Jake George /LB/Bartram


*Clinton Crump jr /DB/Trinity

*Cameron Anderson /RB/Trinity

*Michael Sterdivent /DB/Trinity

Twin Lakes Timber Wolves

*Carey Allen /LB/DB/ Sandalwood

Christopher Grant /QB/Ath/Atlantic Coast


*Alan Wood /DB/RB/University

* Noah Taylor QB/DB/ Fletcher

*Luke Thomas /LB/University


*James Resar /QB/Bishop Kenny

* Nikao Smith / ATH/QB/Yulee

*Kyle Jones /TE/ Fernandina

Braylen Ricks

Teonta Croxton / RB/Yulee


Names with an (*) next to it made the top100. Players not mentioned on the list shouldn't feel slighted or disrespected as the list is not an exact science, and sometimes for what ever reason players may go unnoticed, so we encourage anyone to send in their film for evaluation, and possibly a write up. Players were nominated by their own coaches and teammates as well as opposing coaches, and players, and insiders of middle school football. Game film,scouts/recruiters, and feed back from Highschool coaches weighed heavy in the selection process. Only players that played middle school football were chosen from.

Special thanks to everyone who participated including the parents from their respective counties in making the list possible again this year.

To be nominated for the 2025 list email your Highlights or game film to or DM them on any of our social sites

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