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In Wednesday night action the 1-2 LPA Wolves took on the 1-2 Sebastion Eagles. For LPA they would be looking to stay on the winning road as they took down the 0-3 Valley Ridge Hawks last week. For Sebastian who's been on a major losing streak since 2016 just staying competitive would be their early narrative.

Coming off a 3td passing performance over Valley QB Riley Trujillo would get it 1st to start the game. On th Wolves 1st drive they wouldn't manage much and be forced to punt. The Eagles led by QB Bryant Vlicky would drive it down the field on their possession and score on a short QB sneak by Vlicky. The 2pt run was scored by Mason Stevens. The Eagles Would take the early 8-0 lead. The Wolves would storm down field. Brody Tillotson started it off with a 9yd run and Trujillo would hit TE Jake Kallner on a 12yd 1st down. A 19yd run by Ethan Miller would get the Wolves to the 3yd line to set up Trujillo's short 4th down pass to Kallner. The fg would be no good and the score would be 8-6 mid Q1.

The Wolves failed onside kick attempt would give the Eagles great field position. Vlicky would complete a 20yd pass to Devontez Davis and Mason Stevens would cash in with a short TD run and a 14-6 lead after the failed 2pt attempt.

The Marksman Riley Trujillo would step to the plate once again delivering pin point passes to his targets after starting deep in Wolves territory. The 1st pass would go to Kallner for an 25yd completion. Trujillo would complete 3 passes to Cremen,Allen and Kallner before hitting a long one down the left sideline to Cremen but the refs ruled him out. A roughing the passer penalty would move the ball to the 15 where Trujillo would ultimately find Cremen in the endzone for a score. Trujillo 2pt pass to Kallner would tie the game up at 14 in the bottom of 2nd quarter.

Riley Trujillo leads Wolves on td drive

Momentum would seemingly turn in favor of the Wolves as Zeke Cromwell recovered the onside kick. Trujillo completed a pass to Kallner and then targeted Cremen on an attempt which the Eagles were flagged for p.i. Riley would drop a dime a couple plays later to a diving Ethan Miller. That catch by Miller has been 1 of the best in this early season. After failing to get the 2pt run the Wolves lead would be 20-14. Jayden Harris would earn the Wolves turn over chain as he picked off a pass from Vlicky to end the 1st half.

Jake Kallner makes a tackle

Riley Trujillo 11/16 148yds 3tds

Ethan Miller 1 rec td

Jack Cremen Jake Kallner bothn had rec td

Bryant Vlicky 3 total tds. 2 rush 1 pass

Mason Stevens 2 rush tds

To start Q3 the Eagles narrative would go from just being competitive to winning. LPA would get the ball deep in their own territory. A huge sack by Eagle's Dion smith would force a Wolves punt which they would shank to the 20. That shanked punt would prove costly as Mason Stevens drove the ball 15yds up the middle before being gang tackled. The Eagles would nearly fumble away a great opportunity but Dion Smith came up with the recovery. A penalty on LPA would move the ball 2yds closer to the goal line to set up QB Bryant Vlicky who would call his own number and pound it in for a 3yd td run. the 2pt run would be no good and the score would be once again be tied this time at 20. Wolves Jayden Harris would gain about 20yds or so on the return. Dion Smith would step up again and come up with a huge sack on Trujillo for 13yds. Trujillo would miss Kallner on the next play who was streaking wide open down the middle of field and a Eagles DB would nearly pick off a pass on 3rd to force a Wolves punt. Another shanked punt by the Wolves would ensue as the kick only netted 5yds. Mason Stevens would pound in a short run and a 26-0 lead. The Eagles would be soaring with momentum as they forced, and recovered a fumble on the return. After a couple bruising runs by Stevens, on 4th down Vlicky would hit Mark Harvey on a short td pass to take the 32-20 win.

Dion Smith 2 sacks

Mark Harvey 1td catch

Devontez Davis

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