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Ed White Commanders track meet Feb 19th 2020

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

WestSide Jacksonville-

Ed White Commanders Track Meet Feb 19th 2020.

The FirstCoast Lady Bucs took home the overall top spot as they ran past the competition with a score of 210 points, with Baker Co. coming in a distant 2nd with a score of 17, and Duval Charter placing 3rd with a 14.

Armanie Coleman 100M run

The top runner for the Lady was was none other than the speedster Armanie Coleman who came in 1st place in the 100M with a time of 12.27, and 1st place in the 200M with a time of 25.34. Coleman also helped her 4x1 team come in 1st place and set their new personal record with a time of 50.50.

Armanie Coleman 200M run

With a score of 311, the Ed White Commanders' boys took home overall 1st place. The Bright spots for the Commanders were their 100M dash team lead by Cornelius Cooks, their 400M team lead by Adrian Alexander, and Jordan Lowery who placed 1st in the Shot Put and Discus with throws 12.02, and 27.57. Both throws were Lowery's personal best.

Cornelius Cooks 100M run

The Commanders dominated the 100M, and 400M dashes with runners landing in 4 of the top 5 spots in both events


-Cornelius Cooks 1st place 11.07

- Jakyli Johnson 2nd 11.36

-Jacari Butler 3rd 11.40

-Antwon Mccrae 4th 11.55 WestSide

-Kentrelle Williams 5th 11.56


Adrian Alexander 1st place 50.45

Jacari Butler 2nd place

52.37 Mike Francois 3rd place 52.89

Xavier Black 4th 53.62 First Coast

Keith White 5th place 54.49

Cooks post race interview

The Commanders dominated the triple jump as well with jumpers taking home the top 6 spots

Jaleel Burroughs 13.06 1st

Adrian Alexander 13.02 2nd

Mike Sales 11.29 3rd

Darius Lewis 11.14 4th

Keith White 11.06 5th

Luis Azar-Moise 10.57 6th

Tiajsa Carley had a fantastic day as well taking home the top spot in the 4 00M 1:05.5. In the

100M, and 200M she placed 3rd with times of 13.1, and 27.62.

The WestSide Wolverines 4x1 took home 1st place with a upset run over FirstCoast with a time of 44.25, with the Bucs coming in a close 2nd place with a time of 44.41


Justin Bradley

Brandon Hendley

Antwan Mccrae

Amari Mahon (not pictured)


FirstCoast Bucs Speedster Armanie Coleman

-100M 1st place 12.27

-200M 1st place 25.34

4x1 Relay Team 1st place 50.50

Coleman Post Race Interview

Ed White Commanders dominated the 400M dash team

400M team interview

FirstCoast Bucs Girls 4x1 take home 1st place in the 4x1 with a time of 50.50.

Janaeyh Newton

Armanie Coleman

Justyce Coates

Shonna Parker

4x1 team interview

Good day out of Ed White Tiajsa Carley

400M 1st place 1:05.5

100M 3rd place 13.1

200M 3rd place 27.62

4x1 relay team 3rd place 54.88

Carley interview

Carley 200M

FirstCoast Bucs Maurice Dawson 1st place 200M Dash 22.54

Dawson interview

Cooks interview

Cooks 100M

ED White Commanders Jordan Lowery takes home 1st place in the Shot Put 12.02 and Discus Throw 27.57

Lowery Interview

WestSide Wolverines Brandon Hendley takes home 1st place in the 110M hurdles with a time of 14.99

Hendley interview

FirstCoast Bucs Tamia Legette 1st place 3:02.48., Ashli Stevens 2nd place 3:05.12 in the 800M run

Legette and Stevens Interview

Westside Wolverines Tylan Christopher 1st place finish in the 800M run with a time of 2:01.62. -FirstCoast Jaylen Caneus 2nd place 2:10.22

Christopher post race interview

FirstCoast Bucs Girls 4x8 team takes home 1st place with a time of 12:09.00.

Ashli Stevens

Prescious Waugh

Kiara Calloway

Tamia Legette

FC Post race interview

Good Day out of FirstCoast Bucs Bucs sprinter Kiara Calloway. 4x800 1st place 12:09.00 400M 2nd place 1:07.93

Calloway Interview

Calloway 400M

Ed White Commanders Adrian Alexander comes in 1st place in the 400M Dash with a time of 50.45

Alexander Interview

WestSide Wolverines 4x1 take home 1st place with a upset run over FirstCoast with a time of 44.25, with the Bucs coming in a close 2nd place with a time of 44.41 WestSide- Justin Bradley, Brandon Hendley, Antwan Mccrae, Amari Mahon (not pictured)

Wolverines interview

First Coast Bucs 9:25.33 1st place finish in 4x8 Mekhii Morris-Heron,

Carl Joseph

Larry Degreffread

Zamir Nelson

4x8 interview

Track meet results

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