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Updated: Nov 26, 2018


A slow start, constant rain showers, and 5 turnovers would be too much for the 10-2 Lee Generals to overcome last Friday as they were defeated by 12-1 Orlando Edgewater Eagles 41-7 in round 3 of the 7A region 1 playoffs. The Eagles' defense stifled the Generals' offense all game holding them to just 132 total yards. Virginia Cavaliers commit QB Robert RJ Harvey Jr had a huge night as well rushing for 156yds and 4 TDS. Although DB Jahiem Singletary would register a interception, and DE Ralph Mency was able to sack RJ Harvey 3 times, he made something happen for Edgewater every time a play was needed for them to keep the momentum on their sideline. Harvey would set the tone of the game on the Eagles' 1st snap from scrimmage and show just why Virginia fans are glad he's making Charlottesville his home next season.


After forcing a quick 3 and out on Lee's opening possession, QB RJ Harvey would pop a 53yd TD run down the Generals' sideline, but the play would be negated on 2 Eagles' penalties. Although the play would be nullified the message would be sent to the Lee defenders that Harvey would be a real deal pain. After 2 completions to Tommi Hill, and Cobe Stribling, the Eagles would ultimately score on the drive when Harvey punched it in from 1yd out to give Edgewater the 7-0 lead. Kevonte Doles would take the return the ensuing kick to the 23yd line. Edgewater would force the Generals to punt on their 2nd possession. On the Eagles next possession RJ Harvey would go back to work rushing for 15 and 7yds. Harvey would launch a 2nd down pass to a slightly open receiver but freshman standout DB Jaheim Singletary would break up the pass. After 2 1st down run by Harvey, hard hitting LB Trevor James would come away with a sack to momentarily spark the defense until Harvey again connected with Cobie Stribling on a 15yd pass inside the 10 to give Edgewater a 1st down. Cobe Stribling would give the Eagles a 14-0 lead after taking a handoff around the left side for the short TD run with 1:40 to play in the 1st frame.



To start the 2nd quarter Lee would be faced with a 4th and 10. Coach Small would leave his troops on the field to go for it. Sapp's pass attempt would fall incomplete and the Eagles would take over on downs. After DE Ralph Mency logged his 1st sack of the game on 1st down, Eagles' HC ordered up a deep strike down his team's sideline to Isaiah Conelly, but the freshman Singletary would show his vertical leaping abilities as he went up top and hauled in his 8th INT of the season.

Jahiem Singletary 8 ints


After a short run by Nicholson on 1st down, and a mishandled snap on 2nd down, Camp Sapp would hit Malik Brown on a short pass, and Brown would race 38yds to Eagles' 37. Edgewater would match the Lee turnover by stripping Taz Nicholson a couple plays later. On the Eagles' ensuing possession, Isaiah Conelly would nearly bust a long run up the middle but the play would be halted due to a penalty. After the infraction the Eagles drive would never get going and they'd be force to punt. Needing a score badly Cam Sapp would step to the plate and deliver a 35yd strike to Terry McKinney along Edgewater sideline. 2 plays later, the Generals canon would sound off and ignite the crowd as Sapp hit Jurial Caldwell for a 10yd td. The score would be 14-7 with 2:52 to play in the 1st half.



#6 would gather the kick at the 15 and return it to the 45yd to set the Eagles up with great field position. Lee's Trevor James, Ralph Mency would each register a sack to help force a punt and give the Generals an opportunity to score before half. After 2 straight incompletions, Cam Sapp would launch a 60 pass to a streaking Kevonte Doles, but Doles wouldn't be able to haul in the over the shoulder catch, and the Generals would be forced to punt. The Generals' punt would net 20yds and Edgewater would have 8 seconds to make something happen. Edgewater would capitalize on the opportunity as Lorenzo Jones collected a screen from RJ Harvey then launched a 30yd td pass to Isaiah Conelly as time expired. After the FG the Eagles would lead 21-7 at the half.



To open the 3rd period both teams would trade punts. On Edgewater's 2nd drive of the half Ralph Mency would tackle Isaiah Conelly for a loss, and on 2nd down Jahiem Singletary would bat down a deep pass intended for Cobe Stribling. Harvey would hit Stribling on 3rd and long to convert a 1st down. On the next play from the 36, Harvey take a shotgun snap, and break 2 tackles on his way to the endzone but Jahiem Singletary would track him down and strip him at the 5yd line before he could cross the goalline. Taz Nicholson would recover the ball in the endzone and begin to return it but the play would be called over as the refs ruled Harvey stepped out at the 5yd line before fumbling the football. The play would result in a 59yd gain for Harvey. Meny would again tackle Conelly for a loss, but the Eagles would ultimately stretch the lead to 28-7 when Harvey dashed round the right side for a TD.


Kevonte Does would bobble the ensuing kick and the Edgewater defenders would crash in to recover it but Doles would gather it up to retain possession. Tommi Hill would bat down a deep pass to McKinney on 1st down and Nathan White would come away with a huge sack on 2nd down. On 3rd down Nathan White would smack Sapp from the blind side and force fumble that Abdul Harmon would recover at the 16yd line. Jahiem Singletary would drop a wide open interception on 2nd down. After another penalty the Eagles would line up for a 4th and long from the 33yd line in which they'd fail to convert. After Terry McKinney took a 1st down pitch to midfield.

As a heavy rain poured down on the Generals playoff run, the stands would begin to empty as RJ Harvey cashed in on a Byron Paige ii interception. The Eagles would lead it 35-7. RJ Harvey would add a late TD and Edgewater would get the victory 41-7. The Eagles will take on the 14-0 Lakeland Dreadnaughts for the right to go to the class 7A state championship.



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