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Updated: Sep 13, 2018



In the shadows of Eastside Gardens Apts. an epic battle would take place last Saturday between the GPAA Trojans and the HBAA Panthers, in which athletes Rod Coleman and Mikal Jackson would prove that they're two of the best in the junior peewee division. Little did both kids know, the stage was being set for a showdown of the ages between them. Starting with Coleman of GrandPark, his mother told me before the game to make sure I get some great shots of her baby because he was raw and was ready to put on. I asked her who her son was and she said #1 Coleman, and that I probably didn't know him since he played for AFA last season. I told her I would, but little did I know Rod would make sure I did by going off in a major way scoring 4tds and forcing a fumble. Now to Jackson of HBAA, as the refs signaled for the captains to line up, a fan of the HBAA Panthers yells out to me " A DreamKingz get some pics of #1, he's the rawest thang out here, I guarantee he score 3x today and he might score on the 1st play. I said bold prediction but I'd make sure I do if he does. GrandPark would win the toss and elect to give the ball to the Panthers first. Not knowing what to think of HBAA being that they were a 1st year program, I had hardly any expectation Panthers. For the perennial powerhouse GrandPark I knew they'd be well coached being led by coach Cal and they'd be up for the challenge of what ever the Panthers would bring and they had just as much talent as any team in any division.

Both teams would trot out onto the field and line up at the 35 as pop warner eliminated kickoffs from junior on peewee down. On The 1st play of the game Jackson would get the signal from his coach and make due on the latter part of the fan's prediction by taking a shotgun snap and racing past defenders in front of GP's bench to score on a 65yd td run igniting the HBAA sidelines. The panthers would take the early 6-0 lead after the failed extra point try.

The Trojans offense would sputter out the gate to start the game by losing 5yds on their 1st play and nearly fumbling it away on 2nd down due to a bad center /QB exchange. QB Naeem Burroughs would settle the Trojans down and get the offense headed in the right direction taking 2 keepers about 25yds or so. Rod Coleman would take a direct snap from the 30 and dance around 3 defenders and leave them grasping for air as he received a punishing block to assist him in crossing the goal line where he put 1 last move on a defender as he scored and tied the game up at 6. The good extra point try would give the Trojans the early 7-6 edge.

On the Panthers ensuing possession, Mikal Jackson would have 3 nice 1st down runs, the last of which he plowed through a defender to bring the 1st quarter to a close. To start the 2nd quarter the Panthers would start out moving backwards as Jackson got sacked for a huge loss, and then had to recover a bad snap on 2nd down. On 3rd and long from his own 29, Jackson took another shotgun snap and wiggled around in the pocket before shaking a defender who hit the dirt as Jackson broke 2 tackles and showed off the speed by out racing several defenders to reclaim the lead 13-7 after the good extra point run.

On the Trojans ensuing play from scrimmage Naeem Burroughs would step up in the pocket and find Coleman on a 25yd pass, in which he'd race 40 more yards down the Trojans sideline to re tie the game at 13. Burroughs extra point run would once again give GP a 1 point edge 14-13 in the 2nd quarter.

On the Panthers ensuing drive Jackson would make a spectacular Barry Sanders type 5yd run on 3rd down to set up 4th and inches which he'd convert, but was ultimately stripped by Coleman who'd race 65yds for what seemingly was a sure score but wasn't due to Coleman dropping the ball in celebration before crossing the goal line. Mass confusion ensued as GP felt they should have been awarded a touch down due to no pylon being on the home sideline, and that Coleman thought he had scored. The Panthers coaching staff were asking to be awarded the ball via a touchback call, claiming that Coleman had fumbled into the endzone. The refs stopped the clock, and took to the field to deliberate on the call. The refs would call both head coaches to the field and explain that GP would be awarded the ball at the spot of the fumble due to an inadvertent whistle and no clear recovery. Naeem Burroughs would sneak it in a few plays later and Willie Ross would run the 2pt in to stretch the lead to 21-13 in the bottom of the 2nd. Looking to score just before half, Jackson launched a pass that Burroughs would intercept and race to the 20, before zig zagging past 4 or 5 would be tacklers then out raced a guy 20yds for the back breaking td. Although it was a nice return the score was negated on a flag and GP would lead 21-13 at the half.


Naeem Burroughs



In the 3rd quarter GrandPark defense would began to impose their will on the Panthers as they wouldn't give up much in the 2nd half. Naeem would lead the Trojans on a 3rd quarter scoring drive in which he'd hit Keyshawn Flowers for a 15yd gain, and Xavier McCoy would take a handoff 30yds to the goal line. After a fumbled snap recovered by Burroughs, the Trojans would get on the board 1st in the 2nd half as Rod Coleman took a pitch around the right side for his 3rd td of the game and a 27-13 lead. Willie Ross would intercept a Jackson pass as the Panthers were driving for a score, but on the return he fumbled it back to HBAA. The Trojans coaching staff thought it was a bad call and pleaded their case to the refs but it would be to no avail as the refs signaled Panthers ball. Mikal Jackson would ultimately make due on the pre game bold prediction by taking a snap around the right side for his 3rd score of the game. The extra point run would be good and the score would be 27-21 late in the 4th. The combination of Coleman and Burroughs would prove to be to much for the Panthers coming down the final stretch as Coleman took a snap 15yds to the 40. Burroughs would pops a 52yd run down to the 8yd line. A couple plays later Coleman would score his 4th td of the game on a short run as time expired to give the Trojans the win 32-21.

Mikal Jackson, Rod Coleman and Naeem Burroughs are no doubt some true ballers and teams should be on notice when facing these guys. GP VS HBAA HIGHLIGHTS ROD COLEMAN POST GAME INTERVIEW


Naeem Burroughs 2tds 1int

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