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Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Matt Scarmark tackles a TP ball carrier

Terry Parker HS-

In Jv action last Thursday the 1-1 Mandarin Mustangs traveled to play the 0-1 Terry Parker Braves.

For Mandarin they would be looking to get in the win column after losing their season opener to St. Augustine and for Parker they would be looking to get the W in their 1st game and start the season off fast. Both teams were lined up and ready to go as the Braves won the toss and was set to kickoff to start the game. As soon as the head ref blew his whistle for play, a much dreaded lightning strike pierced through the dark over cast to cause a 45 minute delay. A light rain shower would follow as Braves officials cleared the stadium for safety reasons. During the delay both teams headed to their respective locker rooms, while DreamkingFilmz headed to the gym to watch some volleyball being played between Parker and the visiting Paxon Eagles.

Terry Parker Braves Vasity


Tre Jolly Q1 1st down run

Javis Brooks 1st down run

For DreamKingFilmz and the many fans who came to see a offensive explosion, we would get the contrary as it felt like both teams left their offensive units in the locker room. For the fans who came to see a defensive battle they would be pleased as big hits, and big plays were made on that side all night. The Mustang's offense opened the game up driving to mid field after Ath Tre Jolly caught a 15yd pass and RB John Parkins was able to churn out some tough yards but the Stangs stalled out on 2nd down when DB Omar Wright rushed in on a blitz to sack the QB for a huge loss and force a punt. Mandarin's defense would come out and unleash their hitters on the Braves. LB Chris Newton and a host of Stangs would join together to force a fumble around the Brave's 35. TP's defense would be up for the task of holding off the Mustangs as DE David Hamilton and LB Javis Brooks came away with several jarring hits to force another Stangs punt.

DB Josh Swan picks off a Q1 pass

DB Josh Swan would come out and hand his offense another short field on the game's 2nd turnover picking off a Braves pass inside TP's 30 bringing Q1 to a scoreless end. To start the 2nd quarter Javis Brooks and David Hamilton would jump off the screen again with their play in the red zone setting up the big man Amp Wyche to come away with a huge 4th down sack for the Braves. TP seemed to have a promising drive going with Javis Brooks and Ath David Gasden doing a lil work running and receiving. That drive was ended when Ath Tre Jolly got his hands on a Braves pass at mid field. RB John Parkins would take a handoff and barrel his way just past the 30 before being blasted out of bounds by Hamilton and DB Shahiem Montgomery. The Stangs would get hit with an intentional grounding penalty and end up back around midfield when QB Caleb Zavransky tried to get rid of the ball after a terrible snap,while Hamilton was closing in on him for a sack. Zaransky would show his cool as he stood tall in the pocket on the next play hitting TE Matt Scarmark to get the ball back to the 30. Ath Tyreke Williams broke up a 4th down pass to give the Braves the ball. TP would blow its chance to take a late Q2 lead missing a wr on a pass who was streaking down the middle of the field. LB Luis Limon would join in on Stang's 1st half pick party intercepting a pass to bring the 1st half to a 0-0 end.

Tre Jolly 38yd Q3 house call

Tre Jolly 38yd Q3 house call

Tre Jolly would come out in the 2nd half and deliver the game's lone td score on a 38yd punt return for a td. A failed 2pt try would give the Stangs a 6-0 early Q3 edge. Jolly's impact in all 3 phases of the game was much needed in a game that could hinge on a play or two, and Jolly made those plays. If Jolly continues to put in the work he has the potential to become 1 of the next great 3 way athletes to come from Jacksonville. Another athlete with an high up side is the Brave's Ron Coleman who gave TP a nice start returning the kick to the 38. Javis Brooks would slip and spin out of a tackle for a 9yd run before the Mustangs Dominique Wright corralled him on the next play for a 8yd loss and Victor Winston came up with a sack for a 5yd loss on the next play. LB Jean Luc Fouche and LB Nyiem Harris would combine for a sack on 4th down to give Mandarin the ball back at mid field. The Stangs would turn it right back over fumbling another snap this time recovered by Jerrery Contrell.

Chistal Smith 1st down run

Ron Coleman

Tyreke Williams before pass to Gasden

The Braves most promising drive of the game would ensue when RB Christal Smith earned her respect gaining 24yds on 4 carries to bring up 4th and inches in which Brooks would convert. Ath Ron Coleman took a handoff zig zagged his way for a 12yd run inside the 20. Smith would pound it up the middle for a 7yd run before going down in the backfield on the next play.Coleman would take it down to the 4yd on a jet sweep around the left side. On 4th and goal Smith would get it to the door step of the goal line but was ultimately turned away by a host of Mustangs. On the Stangs ensuing possession John Parkins would take a handoff, hurdle a defender a rumble down pass midfield. After a 10yd run by Parkins the Stangs would go backwards on penalties and a huge tackle for loss by Anthony Williams and Javis Brooks. After a Stangs punt, WR Travis Lester would spark the Braves backing out of a would be tackle for a 35yd catch and run down to the Mustang's 30. Coleman would take a sceen pass down to just inside the 20. That's the closet the Braves would get in their effort to make a come back as the Stangs made the necessary plays to hold them out, and no play would be bigger than the last when Nathan Webb slammed down the QB to cause a fumble and close the game with the Mandarin Mustangs winning 6-0.

Future Prospects

Parker Braves

Ron Coleman

Javis Brooks LB/RB

David Hamilton DE

Tyreke Williams FS/Ath

Shaheim Montgomery SS

Travis Laster Ath

Saint Brumfield Ath

Omar Wright Ath

Amp Wyche DL

Phillip Hartsfield DB

Mandarin Mustangs

Tre Jolly Ath

Luis Limon LB

Nathan Webb LB

John Parkins RB

Josh Swann DB

Brian Safer LB

John Sawyer OL

Matt Adams OL

Jacob Duncan OL

Ethan Fontaine OL

Christian White OL

Victor Winston Db

Chris Newton LB

David Hamilton

John Parkins

Javis Brooks

Brian Safer. Chris Newton. Luis Limon. Tre Jolly. Josh Swan. Nate Webb

Matt Adams. Christian White. Ethan Fontaine. Jacob Duncan. John Sauer

Omar Wright

Shaheim Montgomery

Limon. Jolly. Swan

J.Brooks. Tyreke Williams. Travis Laster. D.Hamilton. S.Montgomery

Christal Smith

Phillip Hartsfield

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