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Ribault Colts win 2021 Middle School Basketball Championship 50-32 Over Landmark

Jackson High-

After finishing the 2020 season 0-11,

the Ribault Colts finish the 2021 season 12-2 as Duval County Middle School Basketball Champions by defeating the (12-2) Landmark Seahawks 50-32.

A packed house full of fans was on Main St. to see this year's two basketball giants collide for the title, and many of the fans in attendance were there to see two of North East Florida's best, and most exciting players do work in Seahawks' Carnell Wheeler and Colts' Keron Jackson. Both Wheeler, and Jackson are high flyers, and had several exciting dunks, and blocks that found their way to the stands this season to set the stage for a premier match up.

The contest would also feature two of North East Florida's best guards in Colts' Lawrence Fields, and Seahawks' Mike Bush. Both players have been lighting up the scoreboard all season , and have been playing some excellent defense.

Everyone in attendance would definitely be getting their money worth as both teams were packed with talented athletes.

Landmark's only 2 leads of the game would come early in the first frame as the Carnell Wheeler connected on a short jumper to put them up 2-0 to start the scoring in the contest.

On Ribault's ensuing possession MVP Keron Jackson would nail a 3 pointer to give Ribault their first lead 3-2 and on the Hawks' ensuing possession #23 Hodges would bank in a layup to put them back in from 4-3. Colts' Jackson, and Fields would each connect on on a pair of layups, and Adron Walker added a tip in layup to put the Colts in front 13-4.

The Hawks would close the first frame the same way they started it with a Wheeler score.

Keron Jackson finished the first frame with 7pts, Lawrence Fields 4pts, and Carnell Wheeler 4pts as Ribault led 13-6.

Q1 Action.

Wheeler's short jumper, Jackson's 3 pointer

Lawrence Fields 3 pointer

To open the second frame, Fields would nail a 3, and Jackson would attempt a dunk that would hit the rim before going in to give Ribault the 18-6 lead. Although Jackson would fail to flush it clean the crowd would still go into a frenzy.

In the bottom of the second quarter Colts' Naeem Burroughs would bank in a 3 pointer, and Fields would hit another pair of layups with under a minute to play.

As time was about to Jackson expire, would close the quarter with an And1 to send the Colts in the locker room leading 32-13 at halftime. Keron Jackson and Lawrence Fields would lead all scorers with (12) and (11) points respectively at the break. Carnell Wheeler would lead the Hawks with 6pts, and #42 Johnson would have 5pts.

Naeem Burroughs 3 pointer

2021 Boys All Conference Basketball Team

In the 2nd half it would be much of the same for the Colts as they made every necessary play on defense led by their big men Adron Walker, Mikell Reddick, and Keron Jackson to hold off any scoring surge attempted by the Seahawks. Their defense stood intact for the remainder of the game as they built a wall around the basket and altered nearly every shot that came their way. Jackson had 3 second half blocks that lit the crowd up.

Offensively in the second half the Colts were led by Jackson, and Fields as they combined for (13) of the Colts' (18) second half points.

With just under (5) minutes to play in the final frame Jackson collected a steal from an errand pass. As Jackson walked the ball up the court he was being stalked by Carnell Wheeler, and the crowd could sence what was about to go down, a one on one between the two high flyers. As Jackson made it just past half, he signaled for everyone to clear out as he was gearing up to go one on one with Carnell Wheeler. As the crowd rose to their feet to loudly cheer on Wheeler and Jackson, Jackson with the ball in his left hand, wiped the bottom of both his shoes off to prepare for his move. Jackson dribbled the ball between his legs to switch it to his right hand, faked the cross over, hesitated, and drove past Wheeler with his right down the lane, and dropped a Frank to a slashing Fields for a layup. The Colts' fans erupted in joy and some started chanting MVP. Jackson led all scorers with 20pts, and Fields registered 16pts. Wheeler led the Seahawks with 11pts. Jackson and Fields' combined 36 points was more than the Seahawks scored as a team.

With (3) minutes to play both teams cleared their bench and the Colts would bring home the 2021 Duval County Middle School Basketball Championship with a score of 50-32. Keron Jackson would win the MVP award.

The Colts would have (2) 2021 basketball MVPs as their girls team won the championship 39-32 over Fletcher, and Terrannya Medlock was awarded the MVP. Medlock had a huge 10pts to help her team get the win and remain as the only undefeated Duval County basketball team this season at 14-0. Destiny Donaldson led the Lady Colts with 12pts. For the first time in Duval County playoff history both both boys and girls win the basketball Championship from the same school.

Along with their football team defeating Landmark last November for the Championship, this was Ribaults first time winning a county title in any sport in the (6) year history of the Duval County Playoffs .

Jackson MVP celebration

Colts Locker room Celebration

Keron Jackson 20pts MVP
Keron Jackson 20pts MVP

Keron Jackson post game

Keron Jackson 20pts MVP
Keron Jackson 20pts MVP

Lawrence Fields post game interview

Lawrence Fields 16pts
Lawrence Fields 16pts


Colts Point Totals

Jackson 20

Fields 16

Burroughs 5

Walker 4

White 2

Hicks 2

Miller 1

Seahawks Point Totals

Wheeler 11

Johnson 7

Parker 4

Foster 3

Shine 2

Roberts 2

Williams 3

Lady Colts 39 Lady Senators 32 final
Lady Colts 39 Lady Senators 32 F. Colts 2021 Champs

Terrannya Medlock 10pts MVP of Championship game
Terrannya Medlock 10pts MVP of Championship game

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