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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Isaiah Flowers continues to dominate the 2K18 year. Since going off on Ribault for 160 and 2tds, he followed that up with a monster preseason going 100+ 1 TD vs UC and 100+ 2TDs vs Matanzas. Flower wouldn't slow down vs Westside, in fact he would turn up delivering his best performance of the year to date rushing 14x for 220 yards and 5 TDs all in the 1st half against the Wolverines. Flowers offensive out put lands him atop the city's week 1 rushing leader list.

Trinity Conquerors RB Marcus Crowley delivered a stellar performance as well rushing 14x for 216 yards and 3 TDs vs 7A state power house in a 27-22 win. More than likely Crowley will go off on the young Ribault Trojans and take the crown for week 2. The Commanders will have a harder test as they are set to host 5A state runner up Baker Co. Wildcats. Crowley is projected to go for another 200+, where as Flowers is projected to earn somewhere around 100 yards. Flowers vs Westside Flowers vs Matanzas Flowers vs Ribault

Week 1 rushing leaders

1.Isaiah Flowers 14-220-5tds ED White

2.Marcus Crowley 14-216-3tds Trinity

3.Jakobe Lavoile 6-201-4tds Eagles View

4.Nick Channelle 24-185-2tds Keystone

5.Tye Edwards 6-142-2tds Menendez

6.AJ Mealer 6-135-2tds Baldwin

7.TY Friedlin 25-132-2tds Keystone

8.Pedro Velez 19-130-1td Bishop Snyder

9. Kenny Logan 9-128-3tds Menendez

10.Trev Johnson 17-128-3tds Fletcher

11. Jordan Webster 127-3tds Stanton

12. Mark Calvin 29-126-1td PV

13. Jordan Mitchell 20-124-1td Englewood

14.Luis Delatorre 13-121-1td Providence

15. Parker Campbell 11-113-2tds PV

16.Markiel Ross 16-108-1td Atl. Coast

17. Levi Hohman 11-10502tds Providence

18. Jaylen Sessions 15-101-2tds Patlatka

19. Brandon Marshall 15-97-1td Raines

20. Preston Staples 9-96 0td Nease

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